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What Is The Best Automatic Irrigation Controllers In 2022

Watering plants can be a huge hassle, but with an automatic irrigation controller, it doesn’t have to be. These devices allow you to set up a watering schedule for your garden and then forget about it – the controller will take care of the rest. This is a great option for people who have busy lives or for those who live in climates where there is little rain. There are many different automatic irrigation controllers on the market, so it’s important to do your research before purchasing one.

Which Are The Best Automatic Irrigation Controllers From Our Choice

Here is a quick recap of our top 10 picks that lets you compare each item with another and allow you to choose the best one.

Top 10 Best Automatic Irrigation Controllers You Should Go For In 2022

Bestseller No. 1
RAINPOINT Sprinkler Timer, Water Timer for Garden Hose Faucet, Programmable Water Timer with Rain Delay/Manual/Automatic Irrigation System, Outdoor Irrigation Timer Controller for Lawn, Yard, 2 Zones
  • 【Leakage Free & Accute】The 2-generation valve diaphragm has a self-cleaning tech., after testing, the service life of the diaphragm up to 600,000 times without falling off or blocking. the advanced circuit control system with a smart chip, ensures your schedule runs more stably and accurately.
  • 【2 Outlet Separate Automatic Watering】2-zone outlet easier for you to schedule watering separately for different areas. the 2 watering frequencies which hours mode is from 4h to12h, day mode is from 1 day to 7 days, and watering duration is from 1min to 3h59min. the flexible scheduling allows you to water up to 6 times a day or as little as once a week on each valve.
  • 【3 Modes Manual Watering】Customized manual watering of each zone is from 1 to 59 mins, let you water your flowers and plants whenever you want without Interrupting program. 3 MODEs, which means you manually watering via clicks 'MANUAL' button to select 1 zone only/ 2 zone only/ both zones.
  • 【Rain Delay】Watering timer has a rain delay setting that helps you conserve water and postpone your schedule 24/48/72 Hrs then resume your plan.
  • 【Long-lasting Durability】To ensure long-lasting durability, our garden timer designed with heavy-duty construction, made of waterproof, anti-UV coating and anti-rust materials. added the seal ring in the battery cover to isolate moisture. perfect for outdoor use.
Bestseller No. 2
Orbit B-hyve 4-Zone Smart Indoor Sprinkler Controller
  • WELCOME TO B-HYVE: Looking to get a smart sprinkler controller? If this is out of stock, or if you want the best, check out the CES Innovation Award-winning B-hyve XR smart controller
  • WI-FI CAPABLE: Fully functional with Android, iOS or web app for total control, wherever you need it; fast and easy pairing using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Technology
  • FREE APP: Easy programming from the B-hyve App in both Android and iOS platforms; no subscription, no hidden fees
  • LIVE WEATHER FEEDS: WeatherSense technology provides smart watering based on site conditions such as slope, soil type, sun/shade, and historical ET
  • MULTI FUNCTIONALITY: Operates with or without Wi-Fi connectivity by storing app-set programs on the timer
Bestseller No. 3
Hunter Sprinkler XC600 X-Core 6-Station Outdoor Irrigation Controller, Small, Gray
  • Provides essential water management features in a user-friendly outdoor controller to ensure beautiful, healthy landscapes for up to 6 stations
  • 3 flexible programs with 4 start times each and run times up to 4 hours to accommodate most residential and light commercial irrigation system needs
  • Compatible with Hunter weather sensors to halt irrigation during rain, freeze, and wind events
  • Programs are stored in memory so irrigation resumes normally after a power outage
  • Built-in key lock on outdoor models protects against vandalism
SaleBestseller No. 4
Rain Bird SST600IN Simple-to-Set Indoor Sprinkler/Irrigation System Timer/Controller, 6-Zone/Station (This New/Improved Model Replaces SST600I)
  • This timer is so easy to program you won't need the instructions
  • Simple zone-by-zone settings allow customized watering schedules for each area of your yard
  • Designed for indoor installation within a garage, home, or waterproof shed
  • One-touch seasonal adjust allows increase to watering time in hot, dry months or reduction in cool, rainy periods
  • Rain Delay suspends watering for up to 72-hours; when delay ends programming automatically resumes
Bestseller No. 5
Rain Bird SST1200OUT Simple-to-Set Indoor/Outdoor Sprinkler/Irrigation Timer/Controller, 12-Zone/Station (This New/Improved Model Replaces SST1200O)
  • This timer is so easy to program you won't need the instructions
  • Simple zone-by-zone settings allow customized watering schedules for each area of your yard
  • For use indoors or outdoors: weather resistant cabinet, built-in transformer and removable power cord for direct wiring
  • One-touch seasonal adjust allows increase to watering time in hot, dry months or reduction in cool, rainy periods
  • Rain Delay suspends watering for up to 72-hours; when delay ends programming automatically resumes
SaleBestseller No. 6
Orbit 57946 B-hyve Smart 6-Zone Indoor/Outdoor Sprinkler Controller, Compatible with Alexa, 6 Station
  • WELCOME TO B-HYVE: Looking to get a smart sprinkler controller? If this is out of stock, or if you want the best, check out the CES Innovation Award-winning B-hyve XR smart controller
  • CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE: The B-hyve app is fully functional for android, iOS or web devices and gives you control wherever you need it program your timer on the app, at the timer, or let the weather-based software create a program for you
  • SMART WATERING: WeatherSense technology provides watering based on site conditions such as slope, soil type, sun/shade, historical et and live weather feeds, it automatically adjusts your controller to deliver the right amount of water to your plants
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND USE: Utilize the swing panel for easy access to the angled wiring terminals, which makes wiring simple and convenient and the plug-and-go line cord that can also be cut for hardwired applications
  • CERTIFIED TO SAVE WATER AND MONEY: B-hyve is EPA WaterSense approved and certified, ensuring it will save you water and energy; this can also make your B-hyve timer eligible for local rebates, which can save up to 100% of the cost on your timer
SaleBestseller No. 7
Yardeen Micro Automatic Drip Irrigation Watering System Sprinkler Controller Color Gray
  • This special watering kit contains everything you need to water up to 10 potted plants automatically. The kit contains 10 metres of vinyl tubing, that can be cut to the desired length and a timer that can be adjusted to alter the frequency and length of time plants are watered
  • Scientific Water Saving Design Reduce 70% water than traditional sprinklers by focusing water directly to the root and water your plants drip without leaving the tap running. Avoid causing your financial loss
  • Water Sprinkler timer features a large LCD screen easy to read text and dial. Programming, set-up, and scheduling is simple.
  • Automatic water your plants and flowers precisely and at ease. Flowers, plants, bonsai and fruits in a pot, for family homes, hotels, clubs, offices and other intelligent care plants. Watering the garden, potted plants, shrubs and trees is no longer a task, it is fun
  • Once programmed, the unit will run for an indefinite period of time until the water runs out, or you remove the watering system from the water. Battery powered (requires 4X AA 1.5 V batteries - not included)
SaleBestseller No. 8
Shyion Sprinkler Controller 8 Zone Smart Automatic Irrigation Controllers, Wi-Fi Wireless Irrigation Control, Remote Customize Irrigation Rules by Phone
  • Smart automatic irrigation controllers: all controled by your phone. Turn on or off, creat irrigation rules, view watering records anytime, anywhere. iOS and Android devices can be connected and controlled.
  • Save your wallet: it supports the creation of flexible watering rules and accurately controls the watering start time and watering time. In rainy days, the sprinkler will be closed in time to avoid waste. Can save you money on water bills.
  • Easy installation: only takes 15min to finish it. Fixed on the wall, connected to the sprinkler and connected to the power supply.
  • Please use with 110V only: Other voltage sources are not supported.
  • Buy it at easy: 1-year warranty. Contact us for any problem and deal with it immediately. Our apps never charge.
Bestseller No. 9
Inkbird Smart Sprinkler Controller WiFi 8 Zones, Indoor/Outdoor Irrigation System Controller, 8 Station, App Monitoring, Rain Skip, Seasonal Adjustment
  • 8 Zones: IIC-800-WIFI smart sprinkler controller is designed to control up-to-8-zone watering. It supports auto watering mode and manual watering mode to suit various water needs of each zone. ONLY connect to the AC adapter(included).
  • WiFi Remote & Non-volatile Memory: This irrigation controller has a built-in 2.4G WiFi module. You can set the watering schedule and monitor the watering process on INKBIRD APP. APP Compatibility--iOS 11.0+ and Android 5.0+. Non-volatile memory is embedded in the sprinkler controller, which could indefinitely save all settings even after a long time of power off. Therefore, you could always count on it to implement watering on schedules.
  • 4 Cyclic Options: There are 4 options when determining how often the irrigation system controller will water-- days of the week (Mon, Tues, Wed, etc.), intervals (every “X” number of days), and odd days, or even days. You could separately program a watering schedule for each zone.
  • RainSkip & Seasonal Adjust: This irrigation controller features a rain skip function, making it capable of skipping the watering schedules on rainy days to prevent overwatering. It supports seasonal adjustment, which enables you to manually adjust the watering time of all zones by one key as seasons change. Both are designed to save water and provide flexibility in garden watering.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: This sprinkler system controller comes with a weatherproof cover to protect the device from dust, wind, sand, and rain.
SaleBestseller No. 10
WiFi Sprinkler Controller, Diivoo 8 Zone Smart Irrigation Controller with Smart Weather, Automatic and Manual Watering, Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • REMOTE CONTROL via WiFi CONNECTION: Through the Smart Life app on your android, iOS or web device, you can program new watering times from where you are-on your couch or in another country.  It’s a cinch to connect this wifi sprinkler controller to the internet.
  • VOICE CONTROL: You can turn on/off one zone or all zones of this wifi sprinkler system controller by sending a voice command to Alexa or google assistant.
  • CYCLICAL WATERING: This sprinkler controller wifi smart prevents wasteful water runoff by breaking run times for each zone into smaller ones to make water infiltrate the root. Helping to keep your lawn lush and green.
  • SMART WEATHER: This smart irrigation controller can automatically skip watering schedules on rainy and snowy days based on the latest local forecasts, helping you to maintain a healthy landscape while cutting water use.
  • UP to 8 STATIONS: This sprinkler timer wifi works with up to 8 sprinkler zones to cover any sized yard or garden. You can customize the scene image and name for each zone.

How To Choose The Best Automatic Irrigation Controllers

Before choosing a automatic irrigation controllers, you should take the following considerations into account.

for a specific type of garden automatic irrigation controllers for a specific type of garden are important because they need to be able to respond effectively to changing weather conditions. There are many different types of automatic irrigation controllers available, so it is important to find the one that is best for your specific garden.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

Which Irrigation Controller Is Best?

The controller for a water-conservation HTVDystem can be found on most websites that sell irrigation systems. The best option for a water-conservation system is a controllers that has a self-loader. This means that the controller can carry its own weight and/or has a release button on it.

Are Smart Irrigation Controllers Worth It?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the decision of whether or not to buy a smart irrigation controller depends on the specific needs of your business. However, some features that might be important to you may be the ability to control your irrigation from anywhere in the world, the ability to Conan or WiFi- Enabled controllers, and the ability to review water levels on the go.

What Is A Smart Irrigation Controller?

A smart irrigation controller is a device that manages and monitors water use in an agricultural setting. It provides information to a remote user or through phone apps.

What Does A Irrigation Controller Do?

A irrigation controller is a device that controlled by electricity that helps to minimize water usage by irrigation systems.


automatic irrigation controllers are a great way to keep your garden clean and healthy, and they can be used in a variety of ways. Some Automatic irrigation controllers can help with the cleaning up after cooking or work with tools. Others can be used while water is being delivered to the garden to keep the plants hydrated.