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Top 10 Best Korean Instant Coffee In 2022

Korean instant coffee is a type of coffee that is made from roasted coffee beans that have been ground and then dissolved in hot water. It is usually available in either a powder or granule form, and can be prepared by simply adding it to hot water. Korean instant coffee is known for its rich, bold flavor, and many people enjoy it for its convenience and quick preparation time.

Our Top Picks At A Glance

If you don’t have enough time, check out this shortlist of the best korean instant coffee and choose the one you like the most.

10 Best Korean Instant Coffee You Should Consider In 2022

SaleBestseller No. 1
Maxim Mocha Gold Mild Coffee Mix - 100pks
  • Product Name: Maxim Mocha Gold Mild Coffee Mix
  • Ingredients: Coffee, Sugar, Non-Dairy Creamer
  • NET WT.: 1.2Kg (12G x 100 pks)
  • Product of Korea
Bestseller No. 2
Instant Coffee Mix Packets Single Serve - Korean Variety Sampler 30 Sticks of 6 Different Flavors Assortment Mocha White Mocha Hazelnut Original Maxim French Café Mazel by Unha's Asian Snack Box
  • KOREAN INSTANT COFFEE SAMPLER – Our delicious variety pack of Korean instant coffees includes an assortment of 6 different flavor packs that are perfect for anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Packed with favorite top brand names and classic flavors, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. You need to try these premium quality Korean exclusive drinks. Each flavor is individually packaged in sticks with a total of 30 sticks, 5 of each flavor, making this convenient for storage and gifting.
  • EXCELLENT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION – This instant coffee drink set with various flavors to try is the ideal care package for friends, students, loved ones, military personnel, office break rooms, road trips, vacations, parties, and more. It’s a great appreciation gift for colleagues, clients, acquaintances, and relatives for any occasion such as a present for holidays, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, Mother's Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, or as a housewarming gift.
  • VARIETY OF FLAVORS – Enjoy tasting a variety of classic rich flavors that are well loved in Korea. The flavors included are Maxim Mocha, Maxim White Gold, French Café Mocha, Mazel French Café, Mazel Hazelnut, and Mazel French Vanilla, all nicely packed and easy to prepare. With decadent sweet flavors that everyone loves, you are sure to find a flavor that suits your personal taste palette. The benefits of a variety box like this is the ability to try many different flavors at a value price.
  • DELICIOUS DRINKS FOR ALL – Take a sweet cafe break with instant coffee! With our tasty drink variety pack, getting your cup of joe has never been easier. It provides convenience as you can order this one set and receive 6 different flavors. Easily take with you on-the-go to work or school and prepare in minutes. Whether on your way to work or studying at home, you’ll have a delicious caffeine drink in seconds. This box set allows you to try flavors you may never try otherwise.
  • EASY TO PREPARE – Experience the taste of your classic coffee with a new twist. Perfect for busy adults, these instant coffees are super quick and easy to prepare. The coffee comes in individual portion sticks and all you need to do is just add hot boiling water 80ml (3oz) per stick. Stir and you’re done! These coffee mixes also makes Dalgona coffee, the popular trendy Korean Whipped Coffee seen on Tiktok. Give these instant caffeinated drinks a try – you are sure to love it.
Bestseller No. 3
Maxpresso, 3-in-1 Korean Instant Coffee Mix Packets, Single Serve, 100 Sticks
  • 100% Freeze Dried Coffee: This instant coffee extracts is frozen to about -40 C and made into granules, which are frozen then dried at low temperature. As the quality is very well protected inside of the coffee crystals when preserved in low temperatures, we choose to use 100% freeze dried coffee in order to conserve and provide the best aroma and flavor.
  • How is Maxpresso different from other instant coffees? Maxpresso is made with an Espresso concept, only requiring 2.5oz (75ml) of hot water unlike other instant coffee sticks.
  • Adjustable & Convenient: Each mix is divided in the individual packet- adjust the amount of sugar in your coffee mix according to your preference. Maxpresso is travel-friendly and perfect for the office, camping, and traveling.
  • Non-dairy Coconut Oil Creamer: Coconut oil helps boost your metabolism and helps burn calories. This coconut oil non-dairy coffee creamer will provide you with a rich and creamy coffee that is perfectly sweetened.
  • ISO Certified: Maxpresso is produced in a ISO 22000 certified facility with a food safety management system in place.
Bestseller No. 4
25 Instant Coffee Sampler , Korean Instant Coffee Mix Assortment Package, 25 Sticks, Maxim, French Café,
  • KOREA NO.1 BRAND NAME 25 Korean Instant Coffee Sticks
  • Everything in the Sticks, Just add waters 80ml (3oz) per stick
  • Major Brand Name Coffee-5 x Maxim Original, 5x Maxim Mocha, 5 x Maxim White Gold, 5x French Cafe Original, 5x French Cafe Mocha ** There could be minor changes on assortment**
  • Best Gift for family and friends on special days. Also perfectly suitable for outside activities.
  • Easy to carry and Easy to make! Make it Cold or Hot, Iced Coffee, Latte
Bestseller No. 5
Maxim Original Korean Coffee - 100pks
  • Product Name: Maxim Original Coffee Mix
  • Ingredients: Dried Coffee, Sugar, Creamer
  • NET WT.: 1.2Kg (12G x 100 pks)
  • Product of Korea
SaleBestseller No. 6
Namyang French Cafe Instant Coffee Mix 1 Gift Pack (100 Sticks) 1,160g
  • Instant Coffee
  • Namyang French Cafe Coffee Mix - 100 sticks
  • Product of South Korea
Bestseller No. 7
Maxim Mocha Gold Korean Instant Coffee 20 Sticks
  • Dongseo Maxim, No.1 Market Leading Instant Coffee Brand in Korea
  • Premium coffee blend made with high quality slow-roasted coffee beans
  • All in one says to carry pocket ! Just add hot water and enjoy coffee !
  • ★ 1 Stick + 74 ml (2.5 oz) hot water / 2 Sticks + 148 ml (5.0 oz) hot water
Bestseller No. 8
Korean Instant Coffee Mix Variety 20 Sticks with Gift Box / Maxim Instant Coffee 4 Types 5 Sticks Each
  • Korean Instant Coffee Mix Popular Variety 20 Sticks with Gift Box / Maxim Instant Coffee 4 Types 5 Sticks Each
  • TOTAL 20 STICKS : Maxim Original (5 Sticks), Maxim Mocha Gold Mild (5 Sticks), Maxim White Gold (5 Sticks), Maxim Decaffeinated (5 Sticks)
  • BEST GIFTS for family and friends on special days. Also perfectly suitable for outside activities.
  • Easy to carry and Easy to make!
  • Made in Korea
Bestseller No. 9
OHMARKET Korean Instant Coffee MIx Variety 40 Sticks With Snack, 4 Different Flavors (10 Pack of Each / Maxim Original, Maxim Mocha Gold Mild, Ediya Special Gold Blend, French Cafe / Couque Dasee, 2 Flavors, Ace Caraker 2 Pack
  • Korea best brand name instant coffee mix assortment package with snack : Maxim Original x 10, Maxim Mocha Gold Mild x 10, Ediya Special Gold Blend x 10, French Cafe x 10 / Couque Dasee Coffe x 1, Couque Dasee White x 1, Ace Caraker x 2
  • MAXIM ORIGINAL - Start your mornings right with Korea's best-selling instant coffee Maxim’s Original Coffee Mix. One cup is loaded with bold flavors and aroma that’s neither too strong nor too mild
  • MAXIM MOCHA GOLD MILD - Take it easy with the smooth-tasting Maxim Mocha Gold Mild Coffee Mix. Its sweet mocha flavors and mild aroma serves as a gentle morning starter and perfect pick-me-up in the middle of a tough work afternoon
  • FRENCH CAFE - It is a popular choice among instant Korean coffees for its mild, clean taste in addition to its deep flavor and aroma
  • EDIYA SPECIAL GOLD BLEND - Rich crema and differentiated recipe A perfect proportion of coffee mix completed With long accumulated know-how. Rich foaming cream is added and You can feel the rich softness like a cup of Latte.
Bestseller No. 10
KANU Latte - Korean Maxim KANU 3 in 1 Instant Coffee Variety Sample Packets with Gift Box Set, Camping Essentials, KANU Latte 5 Mix Combination 10 Sticks
  • 🎁 LENUE’s Maxim KANU Latte Coffee Mix Gift set : Total 10 Sticks Best Korean Coffee Latte Mix Sample packets : (2) x KANU Mint Choco Latte, (2) x KANU Dolce Latte, (2) x KANU Vanilla Latte, (2) x KANU Tiramisu Latte, (2) x KANU Double Shot Latte, Craft gift box; Product of Korea, Expiration: At least 6 months(yyyy/mm/dd or yy/mm/dd)
  • 💯 Premium Arabica Beans : KANU coffee latte mix ‘s coffee originates from Colombia, Guatemala and Ethiopia; Especially, the origin of KANU latte’s coffee beans is a high-end coffee mix using Colombian roasted beans
  • ☕️ KANU Mint Choco Latte: Mint choco latte is a combination of espresso-based coffee, peppermint extract, cocoa, and latte creamer; It makes you feel fresh and cool in summer, warm and sweet in winter; Ingredients: Mint Choco Blend, Latte creamer(Vegetable cream(Coconut oil)), Coffee 4.62%, Fat-free Milk, Sugar
  • ☕️ KANU Dolce Latte: The soft sweetness of Maxim Kanu; You can enjoy a bright latte created by the harmony of 100% Ethiopian Kanu coffee extracted with espresso extraction method, condensed milk powder, and latte creamer; Ingredients: Dolce Blend, Latte creamer(Vegetable cream(Coconut oil)), Coffee 5.49%, Fat-free Milk, Sugar
  • ☕️ KANU Vanilla Latte: A rich and clean vanilla latte from Maxim Kanu; Anytime, anywhere with vanilla latte at the level of a coffee shop; Ingredients: Vanilla Blend, Latte creamer(Vegetable cream(Coconut oil)), Coffee 4.04%, Fat-free Milk, Sugar

Criteria You Should Consider Before Purchasing The Best Korean Instant Coffee

Before choosing a korean instant coffee, you should take the following considerations into account.

instant coffee is a type of coffee that is typically made without any milk or cream needed. It can be found in stores such as K-mart and Walmart. When it comes to k-mart instant coffee, you can choose to buy the rich or the machine-made. The best option will be the k-mart instant coffee. When it comes to Walmart Instant Coffee, you can choose to buy the machine-made or the rich. The best option will be Walmart Instant Coffee. When it comes to K-rated Instant Coffee, you can find a variety of brands and sizes for your needs. The best option will be chosen if you are looking for K-rated Instant Coffee.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Koreans Love Instant Coffee?

Koreans are known for their love of instant coffee. Some of the reasons for this may include its ease of use, its “Korean touch”, and its cost-effective distribution.

Is Instant Coffee Popular In Korea?

Instant coffee is popular in South Korea. It is a type of coffee that is made by settings and needs water to be richly roasted before it is brewed.

Does Korean Instant Coffee Have Caffeine?

Yes, Korean instant coffee does have caffeine.

What Coffee Is Popular In South Korea?

Coffee is popular in South Korea because it is a mother tongue language.


instant coffee is a great way to get to know both the basics of K-1 introduces a whole new level of appeal and convenience for those who love to prepare their own cups. There are a few things you can do in order to make the most of instant coffee: try different brewing times, choose a more gentle pottery than common, and try to use a whirring mixer instead of a hand grater to make more decision about what ground coffee you want to drink.