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Top 10 Best P Mount Cartridge In 2022

P-mount cartridges are a type of cartridge used in record players. They are so named because the cartridge is attached to the player using a P-shaped connector. P-mount cartridges were popular in the early days of turntables, but have since been largely replaced by other designs.Despite this, they remain popular with budget-conscious consumers due to their low cost and ease of use.

A Shortlist Of The Best P Mount Cartridge

If you don’t have enough time, check out this shortlist of the best p mount cartridge and choose the one you like the most.

10 Best P Mount Cartridge You Should Consider In 2022

Bestseller No. 1
Audio-Technica AT85EP Turntable Cartridge with Elliptical Stylus P Mount, 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical cartridge
  • 0. 3 x 0. 7 mil elliptical cartridge designed specifically to fit linear format P-mount turntables
  • Features Audio-Technica’s unique dual moving magnet construction
  • Para-toroidal coil construction assures an excellent sonic clarity and wide channel separation
  • Compatible with linear tracking turntables with T4P plug-in connectors, no matter the brand
Bestseller No. 2
Audio-Technica AT81CP Replacement Phonograph Cartridge with Conical Stylus for P Mount Turntables
  • Replacement model for the following cartridges: AT300P, AT3482, AT3482H/U, AT3482P, and AT90CD
  • Fits P-mount Turntables
  • Conical stylus
  • Bonded round shank construction
  • 0. 6 mil
Bestseller No. 3
Audio Technica AT85EP Dual Moving Magnet Cartridge with Elliptical Stylus P Mount for P-Mount Turntables Bundle with Blucoil Carbon Anti-Static Vinyl Cleaning Brush
  • TRACKS YOUR RECORDS' GROOVES ACCURATELY - The Audio Technica AT85EP is a dual moving magnet cartridge with 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical diamond stylus. It delivers high clarity audio due to its precise tracking along the grooves of your LP or vinyl record, even at higher frequencies.
  • REPRODUCES DETAILED AUDIO - This cartridge features a wide channel separation of 20dB and 20Hz~20kHz of frequency response, ensuring you get the most accurate audio reproduction.
  • PROVIDES DISTORTION-FREE SOUND - This dual moving magnet cartridge utilizes 400 mH coil inductance, which transmits subtle sonic details with pure clarity and free of distortion.
  • OFFERS USAGE FLEXIBILITY - The AT85EP cartridge is designed for P-mount (plug-in) turntables. You can quickly plug it into the end of the tonearm, then secure it with a single screw. This cartridge is compatible with Audio Technica, Hitachi, and Pioneer linear tracking turntables with T4P plug-in connectors.
  • INCLUDES - Audio Technica AT85EP Dual Moving Magnet Cartridge with Elliptical Stylus P Mount. Blucoil Audio Carbon Fiber Anti-Static Cleaning Brush for Vinyl/LP Records.
Bestseller No. 4
LP GEAR CFT4PSE P-mount cartridge
  • Carbon fiber technology for remarkable nuance and tonal complexity
  • Harmonically exquisite, refractive, large multidimensional soundstage
  • Super Carbon Fiber cantilever for excellent tactile acuity to grooves
  • Spectra Elliptical diamond for very fine tracing accuracy; Diamond tip r/R radii: 8 × 18 µm (.0003 × .0007 inch)
  • Codeveloped and designed by Audio-Technica with LP GEAR
Bestseller No. 6
Pfanstiehl Phonograph Turntable Needle Stylus For Audio Technica ATN102P ATN-102P, ATN-102EP, ATN102EP P-Mount
  • Replaces the following needles: Audio Technica ATN-102P, ATN-102EP, ATN102EP.
  • Used in AT102P "P-Mount" cartridge.
  • Tip: Diamond; Tip Radius: .6 Mil;
  • Speeds16, 33, 45 RPM.
  • Manufactured in Switzerland.
Bestseller No. 7
Audio-Technica .7mil Conical Uni Mount Cartridge
  • .7mm conical cartridge
  • Fits P-mount turntables
  • Fits .5" & 7mm turntables
  • Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Channel Separation: 24/15 (dB at 1 kHz/10 kHz)
Bestseller No. 8
Headshell, mount, cartridge, needle, stylus for YAMAHA P 350, P 450, P 550, P 20, P 751, P 850, P 750, - MADE IN ENGLAND
  • Made to order in England
  • Pure rich, warm sound
  • Gold plated (OFC) wires for perfect signal transfer *top mounted screw fitting only*
  • Exceptional low and high frequency delivery
  • P350, P450, P550, P20, P751, P850, P750
Bestseller No. 9
GRADO Prestige Black3 Phono Cartridge w/Stylus - Standard Mount
  • Latest enhancements provide improved performance - Twin magnet system
  • Turntable Cartridge - compatible with most turntables - standard mount
  • Outer housing dampening technique - 4 high purity copper wire coils
  • THIS IS A STANDARD MOUNT, it connects with 4 WIRES - NOT PMOUNT - See image for connection
  • 4OurEars is the exclusive Authorized US Dealer of Grado on Amazon - Manufacturers Warranty applicable in US only
Bestseller No. 10
Cartridge and Stylus, Needle for Technics SL BD22, SL QD33, SL QD55, SL B350, SL D20, SL3, SL B100, SL B200, SL B21
  • Complete with fixing bolt and stylus guard and SPARE STYLUS
  • Up to date design fits vintage turntables
  • Excellent sound quality typical of Audio Technica
  • SL-D20, SL-3, SL-B100, SL-B200, SL-B21

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best P Mount Cartridge

Not every p mount cartridge comes with the same specifications & price. So, you should choose the one that will serve your purpose and save your wallet.

A p mount cartridge is a type of cartridge that allows data to be recorded on the surface of an image sensor directly without the use of a card. This feature can make data collection more efficient as it doesn’t require the possibility of customer data being stored on the card itself. When it comes to photography, a p mount cartridge provides the best option for those looking to record their photos directly on the image sensor. This way, no data isRequired to be stored on the user, which can lead to more efficient performance. If you’re looking for a p mount cartridge that will help you take better photos, then look for one that is equipped with a data memory. This memory allows you to store your photos in a way that is easy to manage. If you’re looking for a pmount cartridge that will help you take better photos, then look for one with a data memory. This memory allows you to store your photos in a way that is easy to manage.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

What Is P-Mount Cartridge?

A p-mount cartridge is a type of cartridge that comes attached with a Berry’s No. 6 shotgun powder measure.

Are All P-Mount Cartridges Interchangeable?

Yes all P-Mount cartridges are interchangeable.

Are P-Mount Cartridges Universal?

P-Mount cartridges are universal, but they come in separate drums, so they cannot be used with older firearms.

How Do I Know What Cartridge Fits My Turntable?

If the cartridge fits using the model number, it should be used with a Filters: The model number should be written on thecartridge’s cartridge cover.

Final Thoughts

for printer The best p mount cartridge for a printer is one that has the most performance for the price. Be sure to check to make sure that it is compatible with the printer before purchasing it.