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10 Best Refillable Compressed Air Dusters & Buying Guide

Dust-Off is a brand of compressed air duster marketed to consumers for cleaning electronic equipment, keyboards, and other sensitive items. Dust-Off is produced by the Minnesota-based 3M company. The product comes in a range of sizes, including a small canister that can be attached to a key ring.

Our Top Picks At A Glance

If you don’t have enough time, check out this shortlist of the best refillable compressed air dusters and choose the one you like the most.

10 Best Refillable Compressed Air Dusters People Love In 2022: In Depth Features

Bestseller No. 1
Jounjip Reusable Refillable Multipurpose Aerosol Compressed Air Spray Bottle for Cleaning and Lubrication - Nozzles, Tubes, Valve Replacements, 16 oz
  • Excellent Multi-purpose Sprayer for Use with THIN liquids, Cleaners, Solvents, Sanitizers
  • Multipurpose Refillable Aerosol Aluminum Spray Bottle, 90PSI
  • Includes: 3 Tips - Tight Spray Nozzle, Fine Spray (Yellow), Jet Spray Nozzle with 4 Extension Tubes
  • 2 Replacement Air Valve Cores and O-ring Replacement Seal
  • Not Recommended to Use as a Pressurized Air Duster or with Paints/Primers
Bestseller No. 2
X3 Hurricane Variable Speed 260mph+ Cordless Rechargeable Electronic Duster Compressed Can Air Cleaner
  • THE BEST WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY. Canless Air System will warranty your Electric Compressor unit for LIFE! This means if anything ever goes wrong simply contact Canless Air System customer service and your unit will be replaced at no cost to you!
  • The variable speed duster trigger allows you to use as little or as much power as necessary. This also allows you to control the sound level which cannot be done on any other Canless Air System product.
  • 5 Outlet Nozzle Fittings attachments kit is Great for cleaning large computers, server rooms, camera lenses and mirrors, high end medical equipment, displays in retail stores, complex circuit boards and so much more. Dryer Dust Cleaning, Computer Regulator, Air Duck Filter Tool Cleaner
  • Rated for outlets 110-240v. PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA Portable Duster. Recharges just like your cell phone. Each charge gives you over 15 minutes of continuous blowing time and it can be charged over 750 times. Refillable alternative to compressed air can.
  • Rechargeable / refillable : Never again will you buy air spray duster, canned air, computer duster or any other dangerous duster! Best alternative duster for pet dog hair cleaning.
Bestseller No. 3
Vaper 19426 Refillable Aluminum Spray Bottle - 7.7 oz
  • CFC-free, re-usable aluminum spray bottle
  • Includes 55mm jet nozzle and spray nozzle
  • Exclusive patented 2-piece design for easy cleaning
  • Simple filling through bottleneck or threaded mid-section | Fill with compressed air via valve stem located in bottom
  • Volume: 227 ml | Max operating pressure: 116 PSI
Bestseller No. 4
DOROBEEN Compressed Air Duster, Cordless Handheld Air Blower, Stepless Speed, 41000RPM, Portable Rechargeable Built-in Battery, Electric Air Duster for Computer Keyboard Electronics Cleaning
  • [New Upgrade]The motor speed of this air duster is increased to 41000RPM. The wind output is more powerful.For depth cleaning small dust, such as computers, keyboards, sofas, cars. Or some electronic devices that are not easy to clean.
  • [Stepless Speed]Equipped with a rotary switch, the wind power can be adjusted as required. The wind value is 0.5OZ-2.47OZ. It helps you to clean stubborn dust and fragile cleaning objects.
  • [Small & Powerful]The weight is only 0.69lb. The compact size is convenient for storage and carrying. The maximum speed is 41000RPM. The wind force it produces is unimaginable. The powerful compressed air thrust is your good helper.
  • [USB Charging]Built-in rechargeable battery. It can last for 3 hours under the minimum wind. You can use a 2A adapter (not included) for 10W fast charging. Greatly improve usability.
  • [Energy Saving]Repeatable rechargeable use. Suitable for long-term use and clean. No need to repeated purchase canned air. The electronic precipitator is clearly more energy saving and environmental protection.
Bestseller No. 5
YEMIUGO Compressed Air Duster, Upgraded 7800mAh Powerful 43000 RPM Deep Clean Compact Air Duster Spray 10W Type-C Fast Charging- Alternative to Canned Air Dust Off for Electric Keyboard Computer PC
  • [Powerful Deep Clean]--- The Compressed Air Duster can reach 43000RPM, which can offer 10 strong winds (72m/s) powerful thrust.The Air Duster also design with 2 gears speed wind (43000RPM & 36000PRM) suitable for dust off keyboard, computer ,electronics , laptop,car interiors,sofa, camera, air conditioner, fan etc,Deep cleaning makes the dust nowhere to stay.
  • [Rechargeable Save Money & More Efficient & More Environmental]--- This Electric Air Duster Compressed can be recharged and reused,It equals over 5,000 traditional canned air, And help you save money rather than constantly buying canned air.The Air Duster also can continuously clean at full speed more efficient than canned air, The air it sprays is what we breathe not produce chemicals, liquids during cleaning suitable for sensitive electronics more environmentally than canned air.
  • [Upgraded & Powerful Motor & Longer Time Use]---Our Keyboard Air Duster equip with upgraded motor can produce powerful air thrust of 72m/s (other only 28m/s air), The Motor can reaches to 43000RPM (other only 33000RPM) continuously provides high-pressure air to ensure deep cleaning. Our Duster Air Spray also design with 7800mAh battery( other 6000mAh) can offer longer time use(low speed wind can run 50minutes ,high speed wind can run 40 minutes).
  • [Convenient Recharge Same Like Cellphone & Support 2A Fast Charge & Suit 110V-220V Outlet]---This Compressed Air Duster support faster 2A adapter 10W (not included) and only need 3-4 hours to get full charged. It also support 1-2A charging adapter, The Air Spray Duster is convenient recharge same like cell phone charging .If you lost the charging wire, just use cellphone's wire charge it,It also can be charged by computer, mobile power, car charger, adapter.
  • [Easy Use & Compact Ergonomic Design & 2 Blow Accessories and LED light Design]---The Air Duster Spray is easy to use just only need press the button on then blower the duster as you want .The Air Duster is with light weight and compact design (weight 12OZ ,size 8.7*7.8*2.36 IN),Together with scientific ergonomic structured and full-palm gripping design also makes it more comfortable hold and use. The blow pipe & blow brush & Built-in LED light design also help more thorough clean.
Bestseller No. 6
Compressed Air Duster, 41000 RPM Electric Air Duster, Handheld Cordless Air Duster, Stepless Speed Motor, 6000mAh Rechargeable Air Blower, Type-C Fast Charge, for Computer, Keyboard, Pet House…
  • ⚡【Powerful Electric Duster】 ATengeus Electric Air Duster has powerful cleaning function. The maximum speed of the super motor can reach 41000RPM. Equipped with nozzle and cleaning brushes to deeply clean tiny dust. It is suitable for cleaning computers, camera lenses, PS5, and air conditioners , Sofas, electronic equipment, medical equipment, etc.
  • 🌀【Stepless Knob Switch Design】 Air Duster has a stepless knob switch design. The power supply and speed control button are integrated. You only need to click the power switch once to work. Through the stepless speed control design, it can be operated with only one hand. Turn to the left to reduce the wind, and turn to the right to add the wind. The nozzle or cleaning brush can be replaced as needed.
  • 🔋【Rechargeable Air Duster】 Electric Air Duster has fast charging technology, equipped with Type-C USB charging port, fully charged (3H), after fully charged, it can work continuously for 15- 30 minutes, the use time depends on the blowing force. Which can be charged at any time through a laptop or mobile power supply.
  • 💨【Cordless Air Duster】Handheld Cordless Air Duster is 3.4*7*2.4 inches, it weighs only 0.68 pounds. Light weight and small size, wireless design and ergonomically designed handle, comfortable to hold and space saving, convenient to carry around, very suitable for use cleaning at home, in the office or when traveling.
  • 🏆【Alternative to Compressed Air 】 Rechargeable Air Blower can be charged and reused, does not contain chemical substances, is energy-saving and environmentally. Unlike traditional "canned air precipitators", electric air duster are more comfortable/cost effective than constantly buying canned air. If you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact us.
Bestseller No. 7
EWK Patented Aluminum Refillable Aerosol Spray Can, Pneumatic Compressed Air Sprayer for Lubrication and Anti-Rust
  • 【 Flip Nozzle Design 】EWK rechargeable sprayer comes with flip nozzle which shoots a jet straight stream and wide mist spray. You can switch between the 2 ways spraying nozzle depends on your need.
  • 【 Wide Applications 】A must-have handy tool at professional garage workshop, machine shop and home. Simply fill the aerosol spray bottle with thin fluids or lubricants like WD-40. Pressurize it with air compressor or manual air pump. *This canister is designed to spray fluids while usage as an air duster was not its primary purpose. Due to its 650 ml capacity and 90-110 psi maximum pressure, we DON'T recommend using as an air duster.
  • 【 Durable & Cost Saving 】Get rid of the one-time use spray bottles and protect our mother earth. This refillable and reusable aluminum spray bottle is perfect to refill thin liquids, fluids, water and recharge with air.
  • 【 Hints You Should Know 】Remember to label the bottle whenever you put new liquid in. You can use a lacquer thinner to clean the bottle easily. Do not over filling and over pressurizing the sprayer can. DO NOT fill with acetone, corrosive, strong acid and alkaline fluid.
  • 【 Excellent Working Experience 】 ISO and TUV qualified manufacturing process. EWK provides premium quality tools with 1 year warranty. Service and Safety guaranteed!
Bestseller No. 8
Cordless Air Duster for Computer, Better Choice for Air Can Duster, Compressed Air Can, Air Canister, Spray Air Duster for Computer, w/ 6000mAh Rechargeable Battery, 10W Fast Charging, 33000 RPM
  • 【Powerful Cordless Air Duster】Our AFMAT air duster is proud of its capacity to produce a powerful thrust of air at almost 10 level strong gale (28m/s) for deep cleaning of the microscopic dust, such as printed circuit boards to computers, electronic instruments, medical devices, which can not be cleaned by your traditional wiper or duster. Its motor allows the maximum rotating speed to reach up to 33000 RPM.
  • 【Rechargeable Electric Air Duster】 Built-in large 6000mAh rechargeable batteries allow this duster to run nearly 30 minutes continously. Its compatibility of getting charged via the USB-port makes it so easy to charge. (If you lost the charging cord, just use your Android cellphone's) With a reduced charging time of around 3 hours, its usability can be highly increased. Compared to common gas duster, this electric air duster is highly reusable with its rechargeable function.
  • 【Alternative to Compressed Air】We all have the responsibility to save gas and water. To achieve this goal, we made this highly environment-friendly device as it allows more than 5000 times of use, resulting in saving a lot of energy. This mini duster is such a scientific device which keeps cleanliness hand in hand with eco-friendliness.
  • 【Handy Design & Simple Operation】 The air duster is structured with an extended full-palm gripping design and withdrawable nozzle keeping the handhold clear to let users grip it at their comfort. The operation is so simple and there are 2 ways to run the duster. One is to long hold the switch and the other is to press the switch twice.
Bestseller No. 9
Dust-Off Disposable Compressed Gas Duster, 10 oz Cans, 2 Pack
  • Disposable compressed gas duster
  • Ideal for workstations, labs, repair benches, household use and on-location photography
  • Provides potent dust-removing power
  • Contains bitter ant
  • There is a small plastic part that prevents trigger to be pushed to release the compressed gas This plastic needs to be broken and removed before the trigger can begin to work
Bestseller No. 10
Compressed Air Duster, Electric Canned Air, 33000 RPM Electric Air Can for Computer Keyboard Electronics Cleaning, 6000mAh Rechargeable Battery, Reusable Dust Debris Destroyer, Navy Blue
  • 【High portability】---You can truly use it anywhere. You don’t have to find a plug every time, simply hold the bottom and the high pressure 33000 rpm air could wipe away most of small dust and debris.
  • 【It’s time to forget disposal air cans】---10W fast charge (3 hours fully charged) along with 6000mAh rechargeable battery make our new generation duster keep a 30 minutes long run.
  • 【Scientific ergonomic design】--- Super easy to use and you will no longer holding a cold can when blowing things away. More comfortable/cost-effective than constantly purchasing canned air
  • 【Thin and long nozzle】---Makes it easier to clean corners or place where hand cannot reach. The nozzle is removable for better space utilization. Perfect for Keyboards, computer case, car seats, or even your le go toys.
  • 【Two modes】--- MANUAL mode for exact spot cleaning; AUTO mode allows the duster continuously work to make a thorough cleaning

What To Look For Before Buying Best Refillable Compressed Air Dusters

Before choosing a refillable compressed air dusters, you should take the following considerations into account.

We would like to recommend a best refillable compressed air dusters. Arelli is the best one as it features a high quality and durable build. It is also easy to use and set up. You can use Aselli as your daily or weekly filler for your home as it features unlimited use.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Refill Air Dusters?

Yes, I can refill air dusters.

Can Compressed Air Cans Be Refilled?

Yes, compressed air cans can be refilled.

Are Air Dusters Reusable?

Yes, air dusters are potentially reusable. They require no extra packaging or storage, and can be used again and again.

Is Air Duster The Same As Compressed Air?

The air duster is a tool used to identify and remove irregularities from an area, typically one made up of materials that are just different in size.


If you’re looking for a good refillable compressed air duster, then you need to check out the best option. these dusters are perfect for small spaces and can be attached to your home with a quick release system. They also feature aHands-free empty which makes it easy to leave the Dustbuster on the job.